Happy Birthday to Us!

SAAgraphic06302014(6/30/14)  It’s been said that time flies when you’re having fun.  Well, we must be scooting along at warp speed and having a blast because it’s hard to believe that the Sex Across America blog is already celebrating its first anniversary.  It’s been a wild year to say the least.

Foremost, we would like to thank all of you who have so graciously supported us in promoting rational discussions of sexuality and our coverage of the wide range of critical issues associated to it.  We intend this to be a free and safe resource that provokes thought and conversations, so those of you who have spread the word about our features during the past year have been instrumental in helping us achieve our goal.  You’ve no doubt noticed that we do not place any paid advertising on the site, there are no goofy pop-ups,  nor do we charge any memberships for the content we offer.  That’s by design in order to ensure that we’re able to reach viewers as people, not as consumers.  Since we don’t charge anything, we don’t spend anything on conventional promotional campaigns, so we deeply appreciate the organic support of passing along links to content that you enjoy or tossing us a “like” on our companion Facebook page when you come across something you find interesting.  We also want to thank those of you who follow us and our announcements on Twitter and retweet them along throughout your social circles.  You’ve not only been very helpful in expanding our audience during the past year, but we also hope that you’ve found our content interesting enough that you feel sharing it is also helping others who might benefit.  In that regard particularly, we feel we’re in this together–with each of you–and for that, we are very grateful.

Without a doubt, this is a labor of love for us, but we feel it’s an important one, especially in these days of mass information overload, relentless political posturing and continuous social upheaval.  As such a basic, wonderful and natural need in all human beings, it’s often astounding just how polarizing the broad subject of sexuality can be, but we firmly believe that much of that is rooted in a simple factor: People just don’t discuss it openly and frankly enough.  Whether it’s due to stigmas, shame, fear-based attitudes, value conflicts or even just plain old upbringing, the lack of straight talk is unproductive at best and possibly dangerous at worst.  We’re trying to do something useful about that by tackling as wide a range of related topics as we can in ways that are at a minimum thought provoking, but preferably to the extent that they inspire others to confidently join in and expand further the conversations.  If we can accomplish that, then this labor of love has been supremely worthwhile.

In looking back through our archives this past year, we’re proud to note that we’ve amassed an exceptionally diverse array of topics spanning pieces about thought leaders in sexuality, developments in related science and technology, individual and relationship improvement, social and political news, literary and entertainment features and, every now and then, just plain everyday fun.  To improve the scope of our content, we added a current events feature in the form of our weekly “S.A.A. Extras” where we discuss a top sexuality-related headline from that week and recently began our casual and friendly “Wednesday Webcasts” where you get to see us riff a little about various topics.  All in, we believe we’ve gotten this off to a solid start this past year and hope that all of you have found our features to be both informative and entertaining.

As always, we’d love to hear from you, whether through comments/questions/suggestions using the “reply” button below each feature on this site, by direct email or through our social media channels.  (And just to clear up a question we get occasionally:  You do not need to register or subscribe to the site in order to reply to our features.  You can feel free to use a pseudonym if you’re more comfortable with that and although the software requires an email address, it will never be made public nor used for other marketing/spam purposes in any way.)

So, please join us in celebrating this milestone and accept our sincerest appreciation for your continued support.  We look forward to another fast, furious and fun year ahead together!

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