Flying The Frisky Skies

(4/28/14)  Long gone are the romantic, glory days of air travel.  Priorities such as passenger comfort, classy service and cheerful attention have given way to warden-like oppression of travelers shoehorned into austere spaces better suited for Lilliputians than actual people.  Referring to the airlines as “buses with wings” would be a disservice to buses.  Blame it on the times we live in, greedy capitalism, terrorism or whatever you’d like, but with the romance completely sucked out, it should be little surprise that an increasing number of flyers are looking for alternatives to make their experiences aloft just a bit more palatable–and oh yes, even pleasurable.

One of the more prevalent options in this pursuit is the frisky business of joining the “Mile High Club” (MHC)–a euphemism for a daring sexual encounter occurring during flight (technically, above 5,280 feet for obvious reasons).  Though hardly a new concept in and of itself, the notion is getting a bit of facelift these days as budding entrepreneurs are jockeying for position in a modern market that’s bored, pissed off, abused and, in essence, otherwise held hostage at several thousand feet for hours at a time.

Before delving into the business of getting down up there, it’s important to keep a few legalities in mind.  While there is no specific law prohibiting sex in an aircraft (in other words, it’s unlikely that you’ll ever hear a flight attendant admonish, “Turn off all electronics, bring your tray tables and seat backs to their full upright and locked positions for takeoff and ensure that your hanging parts stay hanging in for the duration of our flight.”), there are plenty of broadly-worded gotchas that authorities can twist to fit any given occasion–and especially those that involve coming while going somewhere.  These include things ranging from indecent conduct through interfering with a flight crew, but suffice it to say that while a good part of the thrill in any kind of public tryst is the possibility of getting caught, you don’t really want to get caught!  So, along with thoughtful consideration for other passengers who aren’t consenting collaborators, a little planning is definitely in order.

The riskiness of friskiness aside, there are actually a few incentives for trying out gland-to-gland combat in the wild blue yonder.  MHC “members” often claim that it’s the best sex they’ve ever had–and it’s not just because of the thrill involved.  Physiological factors such as the aircraft’s movements/vibrations and reduced oxygen pressure at high altitude are common elements in enhancing the sensuality of the experience, often resulting in more powerful orgasms. It’s literally a classic example of risk vs. reward.

In any event, let’s say that you’re looking to join the 10% percent of American flyers (Expedia, 2013) who get jiggy with it in the clouds.  If you’re more concerned with preserving the “doing it” part without overtly risking the “getting caught” issue and you have the means, a specialty airline such as Las Vegas-based Love Cloud might be your ticket.  Such carriers, and there are now several in business, offer private flights catering specifically to romantic liaisons, though their offerings are very carefully worded to keep everyone out of hot water.  You’ll even receive an MHC card at the conclusion of your flight, perfectly suitable as bragging ammo at the next gathering of your favorite pub mates.

If you’re just an average Joe or Jane in the flying public and you’re lacking a willing partner in crime before being sealed into your flying sardine can, fear not.  There’s an app for that!    Miscellaneous Mischief, an aptly named tech start-up, is currently beta-testing “Wingman,” a service that matches up travelers on the same flight who have potentially similar interests.  Of course, the idea is generally being marketed as a tool for “conversation starting” but it doesn’t take a computer scientist to root out the real intent.  The bottom line is that if you’re sitting 14 rows away from a potential hook-up who has the same delightfully devious notion as you, you both now have a way to, uhm, well, hook up.  (Brilliant. Don’t you just love the 21st Century?!)

Whatever the reason for the pitiful state of commercial aviation these days, flying is still a fun and exhilarating experience–made even more exciting when intimately shared with someone special (or, you know, that guy or gal from row 7 who you just met a little while ago).  In fact, one of the great aviators of all time, the irrepressible stunt queen, Florence “Pancho” Barnes, famously captured the feeling by stating, “Flying makes me feel like a sex maniac in a whorehouse with a stack of $20 bills.”  Enough said.

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S.A.A. Extra: Oregon Same-sex Marriage Ban Goes to Court

(4/25/14)  (From U.S. News and World Report)  A federal court in Eugene, Oregon is hearing arguments to reverse the state’s ban on same-sex marriages.  In an interesting twist, both sides involved in the case (four gay and lesbian couples vs. the state’s attorney general) already agree that the ban should be lifted, but apparently that does not assure a favorable ruling.

Read the full story here.

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S.A.A. Salutes: Betty Dodson

SAAgraphic04212014(4/21/14)  One of the wonderful bennies of Sex Across America as an ongoing project is having the opportunity to meet some truly great people who have dedicated themselves to positively impacting sex lives–and are succeeding brilliantly through straight talk and rational approaches.  In a climate of perpetual hypocrisy and cultural mystification, that’s often a tall order, but some manage to break through anyway.  Recently, we had the chance to meet one such pioneer who has been a bastion of irreverent style, delightful inspiration and unequivocal commitment for almost half a century:  Dr. Betty Dodson.  If you haven’t followed her work before, you’re really missing out on a genuine treasure.

Dr. Dodson first gained attention in the 1960s by holding the very first one-woman erotic art show at New York’s Wickersham Gallery.  Later, dismayed by some of the more mainstream feminist strategies emerging at the time, she leveraged her artistic skills into educational pursuits that ultimately pioneered an era of sexual liberation for women.  A dynamic speaker and best-selling author, her first book, Sex for One, sold over a million copies and set the stage for practical workshops for over 40 years.

Now closing in on her mid-80s, Dr. Betty still approaches the science of sexology with the soul of an artist and the energy of a super-athlete.  She leads the field as a sex-positive feminist by applying her no-nonsense feistiness in a philosophy that emphasizes what works instead of what’s popular.  It’s as simple as that in principle, but applying it on today’s uber-politicized landscape is rarely so straightforward.  Even in that environment, she leaves no room for excuses and instead, with an iron will, makes it work.  Such is the nature of unconventional stars.


She remains highly engaged today in sex education and activism through her private practice and various internet resources that are administered along with her partner, Carlin Ross.  In addition to their exceptionally comprehensive website,, they maintain a lively, informative and entertaining presence through their YouTube channel, which we highly recommend.  Just make sure you leave yourself plenty of uninterrupted time to enjoy and we strongly suggest keeping any drinks a safe distance away from your keyboard.

Though creeping up on the eventual closing chapter of her brilliant career, Dr. Betty shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.  If anything, she seems to be facing it with confident defiance and unbridled optimism, stating in a recent interview, “We need to face and embrace death like it’s the final orgasm! I’m going to design my death like I designed my life. Besides, I’m leaving all of my information and art images behind in the cloud. And I’m not going to exit for quite a while, either. I’m going for a hundred or more because I’m having so much fun!”

Indeed, Dr. Betty–here’s to much more fun for many years to come!

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S.A.A. Extra: Internet Piracy and Adult Entertainment

(4/18/14)  In case you missed it, ABC’s Nightline finally caught up to the “news” that internet piracy is adversely impacting the adult entertainment industry.  While this might best be filed in the “better late than never” bin, we’ll just pass it on as is and let you decide for yourself.

Watch the full story here.

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