Casting Across America: “Sex Sent Me to the E.R.”

It happens all the time.  You’ve done the wine and dine thing, got the old scratchy Barry White tunes looping in the background, the mojo’s hitting on all cylinders and some happynekkidpagandancin’ is imminent.  Life is good.  Then suddenly: WHAM!  The next thing you know, you’re trying to explain a cruel twist of fate to Nurse Ratchet who’s lightly tapping her stubby little foot, rolling her squinty, condescending eyes and pushing a clipboarded stack of forms in your face.  Yep.  It happens all the time.

The thing is, as serious as something like that might be, there are certain occasions where it’s just one of those silly things you hysterically laugh about later.  If that’s the case with you, here’s your chance to share the laughter–and maybe even become a T.V. star in the process.

The award-winning producers at MysticArt Pictures are currently casting a new program featuring fun, real-life couples with a funny story to share about a time when a romantic encounter turned into a trip to the E.R.  According to the casting department at MysticArt, the producers are conducting a nationwide search for couples between the ages of 20-50 who are dating, married or broken up and comfortable with sharing this kind of personal experience.  They also noted that compensation may be provided for selected stories and selected couples may be flown to Los Angeles as part of the program.

So, if you and your significant other are ready for your fifteen minutes but don’t know anything about crab fishing, gold mining or duck decoy retailing, drop the casting department at MysticArt a direct email or visit the show’s casting site for more details.  Please feel free to share this far and wide if you think someone else in your social network might enjoy this opportunity as well.

Ready?  Action!

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Valentines Across America

It’s coming.  Some love it.  Some hate it.  Some are completely ambivalent about it.  It produces emotional responses ranging from high anxiety to outright giddiness.  Greeting card suppliers, jewelers, lingerie outlets, chocolatiers and florists from sea to shining sea are gearing up for it like an invading fleet of Cupids closing in on the coast.   You can fight it, you can blow it off, but you’re not going to stop it.  It’s coming.  Sound the ‘Red Alert’ as that one day of the year especially devoted to romance and matters of the heart is drawing neigh: St. Valentine’s Day.

Almost no one can tell you the actual basis for why the day is celebrated with any degree of certainty, but that’s okay.  While there are all sorts of myths and legends with varying degrees of plausibility, the ambiguity behind the alleged origins just makes it easier to attach any convenient meaning.  It’s probably somewhat intentional that it evolved that way–and fairly certain that it was molded for entrepreneurial purposes (at least in the U.S.) by an enterprising woman named Ester Howland in the 1800s.  Accordingly, many see it as an ultimate ploy in marketing and consumer manipulation, second only to the commercialization of Christmas.  Boiling it down to its lowest common denominator these days–a designated time for expressing love and affection–it hardly seems that anyone could rationally argue against it regardless of how it got started, but therein lies the proverbial sticky wicket:  Shouldn’t that happen every day?  Why wait for one, dictated day each year specifically for expressing affection?  Hmm.

Yes, yes, the notion of making an annual hubbub out of it does serve the supposed purpose of ensuring that we do at least take some time out of our busy-bee lives to show our significant others that we care, but even that tends to create more friction than it solves–especially when it comes to placing a monetary value on determining ‘how much’ we care.  Last year, CNN reported that the average person’s Valentine’s spend was estimated at about $130.  What do you want to bet that somewhere, someone spent about fifty bucks and got hammered for being ‘below average’?  Of course, it’s probably equally so that someone who spent over $200 got bonus love-points for demonstrating ‘above average’ caring.  Ah yes.  Love and capitalism.  What a combo!

Supposedly, it’s the thought that should count most and no price can be put on sincere affection.  We have nothing against celebrating the day, but the sentiment behind it certainly shouldn’t be reserved for just once a year.  Ultimately, the real value is not in what’s bought, but rather in what’s done–every day–to show genuine love. True caring doesn’t cost a dime.  Just something to think about.

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Celebrating Mapplethorpe

A great new resource capturing the life and work of the late Robert Mapplethorpe was recently unveiled by the art-via-internet access project, Artsy.  At Sex Across America, we are honored to support their mission of helping to make all art accessible to everyone through the web—and in particular by highlighting such an innovative pioneer for both the art world as well as for positive sexuality: Robert Mapplethorpe.

The online Mapplethorpe gallery can be viewed here.  We highly recommend sharing the resource far and wide throughout your social circles. Thank You.

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Some People’s Brains May Be “Wired” to Seek More Sex

A new study suggests that there may be a neurological connection between a person’s unique sexual history and how their brain’s are conditioned to respond to sexual stimuli.  According to Dr. Justin Lehmiller, the research found that participant’s responses to erotic imagery were directly dependent on how many sex partners they had in the last year.

Read the full story here.

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